Services And Repairs

Check over service

General check over of your bike
Check and tighten all fixings, nuts and bolts
Inflate tyres to correct PSI
Check and oil transmission
Adjust gears
Check brakes, adjust pads and cables
Test ride and supply job sheet + advisories

£20 + Parts + VAT

Full Cycle Service

General Service plus:

Wash bike (clean + de-grease)
More in-depth service
Inspect, lube or replace all cables
Align mech hanger and full gear service
Clean rims/brake surface + brake service
Clean and grease seatpost
All bearings inspected, adjusted or replaced
Test ride and full job report

£50 + Parts + VAT

Gear Service

Degrease and clean transmissionAlign mech hangerAlign front and rear mechsInspect cables and lube, replace if needed. Oil chain and transmission with high quality chain lubeAdjust gears and test ride

£15 + Parts + VAT

Brake Adjust

Inspect front and rear braking systemInspect lever adjustment and cable movement. Make adjustments to pads and cables


**hydraulic systems may need further work e.g bleeding

£10 + Parts + VAT

General Price List

Gear adjust: £5.00 + VAT
Bottom Bracket Replace: £15.00 + VAT

Headset replace: £15.00 + VAT
Wheel bearings front: From £8.00 + VAT

Wheel bearings rear: From £10.00 + VAT

Tyre or tube replace (front or rear): £5.00

Tyre or tube replace (front or rear) OFF THE BIKE: £3.00
Fit new chain: £5.00

Fit standard mudguards: £5.00

Fit stayed full length mudguards: £15.00 + VAT

Bleed brakes (off the bike): £10.00
Bleed brakes (on the bike): Hourly rate
Cable replace: £5.00

Fit tub tyre (including pre-stretch and glue): £20.00
Fit rack (includes stainless bolts): £5.00
Fit lights (If bought from us): FREE

Replace broken spoke: £10.00

Fit handle bars: £7.50

Fit grips: £2.00

Fit saddle: £3.00
Fit pedals: £3.00

Labour charge for general work carried out is at:
£30.00 + VAT per hour.
This is split into 15 minute intervals for smaller repairs.